Serving Duluth, Cloquet and surrounding areas, Worn Stair Home Solutions & Design is a full-service residential contractor specializing in unique projects at affordable prices.

We see Houses Differently

What We Do

We build functional beauty.

Renovation New glass pane door


We transform houses into dream homes...with real budgets. From additions to room overhauls, kitchen and bath remodels to exterior living spaces (patios, decks, gazebos) Worn Stair works hard to exceed expectations, and not budgets.

Restoration wood floor


We refresh old ideas, beautifying without corrupting the original: Rustic floorcoverings, reclaimed and repurposed materials, exterior remodels, and refinishing.

Design rustic wood beadroom

Working Design

We work to create functional beauty with each project: Integrating unique design elements into mundane living spaces to create environments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Who We Are

Combining well aged values and fresh ideas, Worn Stair is a growing company dedicated to the art of residential carpentry.

Our Values

  • We value hard work
  • We value each client
  • We value integrity
  • We value creativity as art
  • We value budgets

Our Promise

  • To maintain excellence
  • To be professional
  • To be relatable
  • To be creative
  • To be affordable

Our Story

Worn Stair is an active dream and effort to change the way we do “House.” The dream was born five years ago as I observed the same bland, even blase` patterns in the residential spaces I was constructing.

Humans absorb surroundings, the environment within which they exist. In Northern Minnesota the majority of our environment is comprised of residential structures, due to the harsh climate. If we absorb our surroundings, what does that do to our distinct nature as humans if our environment is bland? Instead, if structures reflected their occupants individuality, every house would be so unique! It would be a beautiful, inspiring thing, a little glimpse into the persona of each occupant’s identity.

In simple words, each residential space would be a work of art.

This was the birth of the Worn Stair dream - to make each project a work of art. The carpenter in me could build it, the creator in me could offer working design (materializing vocalized or visualized designs/dreams), and the entrepreneur could make a brand that just might start an industry shift

- Keith

The Team

The skilled members behind Worn Stair.

Keith Stoltzfus - President, Owner and Founder of Worn Stair

Keith Stoltzfus - President, Owner and Founder

I have a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters who I spoil incessantly. If I have the privilege of working with you on a project, (and I hope I do,) they are my team.

I am a carpenter by trade, entrepreneur by passion, and a musician by dream. Worn Stair is a manifestation of that trade craft, passion and dream! For more on how I am dreaming and building this passionate business, see Our Story above.

I am an avid Duluth lover, North Shore gawker, Boundary Waters camper, and dreamer. In the happy event that we meet, ask me about Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Wyatt Lemke - Carpentry Extraordinaire at Worn Stair

Wyatt Lemke - Carpentry Extraordinaire

I'm a happy and blessed father of a beautiful little girl. She is a big part of my life. My pride and joy.

I started construction when I was a young boy. My dad has 20+ years of carpentry and business management experience and I helped out on his jobs when I was younger. After high school and college I started in dirt work and then moved back to carpentry with my dad. Some of the skills I perfected with him are sheetrock and mud work. I've now progressed to helping create beautiful homes for some awesome people in the Northland.

I also love spending time in the outdoors: camping, fishing, bow hunting and working on my mud truck.

Ethan Gamble - Carpenter and Machines Specialist at Worn Stair

Ethan Gamble - Carpenter and Machines Specialist

I value hard work, independence and making a better life for myself and those around me. I grew up on a farm milking cows and running a skid steer at 8 years old. Now I work with the three best co-workers anyone could ever ask for running machinery and doing dirt work.

The things I enjoy the most are hunting, fishing, camping, mud bogging and spending quality time with my wonderful girlfriend.

When you see me on the job site, feel free to come over and ask me about my love for Hamm's!

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